Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

This is the whole package. With comprehensive car insurance you can claim for the theft of your car, for any accidental damages, and even for damages that you accidentally cause to a third party’s property

Third-Party, Fire and Theft

Third Party, Fire and Theft cover allows you to claim for the theft of your car, as well as for ertain specified damage to your car. You can also claim for the damage that you accidentally inflict on another parties' property, however it doesn’t cover any accidental damage to your car.

Third-Party Only

Third Party Only is best suited for cars that are paid in full and have a low value. With this cover you will be able to claim for the damage you caused another parties' property. While it is the most cost-effective cover, it is important to remember that you won’t be covered for the theft of your car and for any damages to your car.

Home Contents Insurance includes:

  • Cover for loss or damage to household goods and personal possessions
  • Cover for loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, power surge, explosion, malicious damage, storms, bursting or over-flowing of geysers, equipment or pipes, break-in and theft
  • Cover for food that deteriorates because of a power failure or if your freezer breaks down
  • Cover for stolen washing and/or garden furniture
  • Cover in the event of you and/or your spouses’ death if caused by fire or break in at your home.
  • Cover for your domestic employees' or guests’ belongings (only if there is proof of damage caused by a break-in)
  • Liability as a householder
  • Tenants liability as a householder
  • Liability to domestic employees, if he/she is injured, or dies at your home while working
  • The option to increase your Householders Liability Cover to R5 million, R10 million, or R20 million
  • Automatically included Assist Benefits.

Buildings Insurance includes:

  • Loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, earthquakes, the bursting or overflowing of geysers, equipment or pipes and storm or flood
  • Damage caused by animals, vehicles and falling trees
  • Malicious or intentional damage
  • Break-in or theft
  • Rent you lose, if your tenant has to vacate the buildings as a result of damage by (to) anything covered by the policy*
  • The option to increase your Homeowner Liability Cover to R5 million, R10 million or R20 million
  • Automatically included Assist Benefits


If your camera has been damaged, stolen or lost, you can repair or replace it with ease when you’re insured with Budget! If your camera costs more to replace than the limit on your policy, then you can also specify it in order to make sure that it’s properly covered!

Jewellery and Watches

Don't leave home without your jewellery or your favourite watch! Just make sure you have insured it against theft or damage with our great cover


Laptops are an integral part of our day-to-day lives, so it’s important that you ensure yours is covered against various forms of damage or loss with Budget. Thankfully you can specify this item to ensure that it is properly insured against a range of risks!


These days, a cellphone is more than just a way to communicate; it’s your camera, your music player, your portal to the net and probably your best friend. To ensure you’re never out of touch, get your phone insured with Budget and specify it on your Portable Possessions Insurance policy.

Car Hire Cover

This product is designed as an add-on or stand-alone product that gives the client the assurance of being mobile in the event his vehicle is under warranty and needs repairs due to a breakdown, if the vehicle is stolen, has an accident or if the client’s normal car hire cover has been exhausted.

  • Vehicle stolen
      In the event that the insured vehicle is stolen we will provide a car on hire for 30 or 45 days depending on what is selected
  • Accident
      In the event that the insured vehicle is involved in an accident or is written off we will provide a car on hire for 30 or 45 days depending on what is selected
  • Vehicle service
      In the event that the insured vehicle is in for Mechanical repairs due to a breakdown a hired vehicle will be provided for a maximum of five (5) days.

Total loss

This option gives you cover against the risk of your car being stolen or written-off. You will not have cover for any accidental or other damages incurred in the event that you do not suffer a total loss (i.e. theft or write-off).

Stand Alone Car Hire cover

Monthly Premiums for Car Hire for Accidents and Theft with Mechanical.

Group Vehicle Type Days Premium
B Chev Spark (or similar) Manual Hatch 30 R124 R174
45 R172 R248
D VW Polo (or similar) Automatic Hatch/ Sedan 30 R146 R197
45 R205 R281
M BMW 3 Series (or similar) Luxury Sedan 30 R349 R399
45 R509 R585
H Nissan NP300 (or similar) 1 Ton LDV (no Canopy) 30 R174 R225
45 R248 R323
K Nissan X-Trail (or similar) SUV 30 R422 R473
45 R619 R695

Car rental in the event of accident, theft or hijacking claim, maximum days as selected;

  • 5 days per annum should the insured vehicles suffer mechanical or electrical failure.
  • 3 Months Waiting Period for mechanical claims


Should you make use of the hired vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced, the insured driver is liable and needs to pay:

  • Refundable rental deposit (R1500 – R1700), payable upfront via endorsed valid credit card, debit card issued in your name or cash;
  • Refunds are processed within 7–10 working days after termination of the rental car;
  • Fuel and lubrication, e-toll and e-tag costs for the duration of the rental period;
  • Delivery and collection costs; during office hours in excess of 25km from the supplier’s branch and after hours;
  • Client is responsible for the refueling charges, e-toll and e-tag costs from and to supplier’s branch. • Traffic fines if applicable;
  • Traffic fine handling fee at R320 per fine (if applicable);
  • First excess payable between R4 500 – R6 500 in the event of an incident to the rental vehicle;
  • Claims handling fee (if applicable) – R780 per claim;
  • Roadside assistance, storage and towing charges if applicable;
  • You are not covered in terms of the liability waiver’s in the event of breach of any of the supplier’s terms and conditions, double excess may apply in the event of a single vehicle incident;
  • Where damage or loss is sustained and not caused by physical contact with another vehicle, person, animal or object,you will be liable for such loss or damage;
  • Damages / loss to tires, windscreens and undercarriage damage – total replacement cost;
  • Damages / loss to the rental vehicle must be communicated and reported to the car rental supplier;
  • All Incidents to be reported to the SAPS within 24 hours of the incident;
  • Additional nominated driver cost (minimum of R350 per driver);
  • Any additional equipment costs, etc., GPS, baby seats, etc;
  • Cross border fee if applicable, with written consent from the car rental supplier;
  • Terms and conditions of nominated car rental supplier will be applicable, of which you will receive a copy off, you are advised to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions.
  • Additional charges may change without prior notice.

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